Project Management (furniture related)

We can help you complete on time and under budget. While you and your organization will be the key element in any project, we can help you anticipate and prepare for challenges. Knowing what to look for and when to expect it can save you a lot in hard and soft costs. There is no real magic here; it is just a byproduct of experience and that is what we offer you.

Interior Design

When deciding what design services you need, be it for expansion, face lift or downsizing, we will help you organize your priorities and find the solutions for your budget, schedule and image of your company.

Furniture Liquidation

What do you do with the stuff that’s there now? We might be able to help there as well. When you come to us for an answer we will seek the best price for your assets through brokers; after that, we try to repurpose your old assets to non-profits and if that fails we will separate and recycle all that can be recycled, discarding the balance. We do not like landfills any more than you do.


Whether you need a temporary resource for assembling shipments and coordinating delivery, a long term resource for inventory management or something in between we can help.

Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation is an expected service for a furniture dealer and there are many good resources available to you through our competitors. Our Furniture installation services cover a broad array of specialized labor services; we have deep resources and are actively supporting installations nationwide. We also have international installation experience. We can offer added value through our range of resources; trained installers for installation, trained and qualified movers for relocation, repair technicians for service and support, etc.

Move and Move Management

These services are a key element in most projects; if the move does not go well the entire project can be viewed poorly. There are a lot of good service providers in this field but by offering this service under our umbrella we are bringing their specific expertise into consideration early in the project, allowing you to focus on your organizational needs while we bring the necessary elements to your attention as they need to be dealt with.