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The Look of Things To Come!

Our new logo will be replacing our old logo in coming days.

  • Anndrea Greer
    FMA, RPA, Property Manager
    Fred Crandal is my representative, he has been very professional and extremely helpful. There have been several rush jobs that Fred has accomplished for me in record time. He has a lot of resources and contacts in the industry which makes working with him very easy and a better variety for selections. I will continue to work with Fred in the future…
  • Sam Avery
    Facilities Director
    I just wanted to let you know that the feedback coming in from Morrisville is very positive. Leadership and staff alike are very impressed with the furniture selection and how nice the installation looks in the space. Also, the feedback from the move itself was very positive as well. Associates who had been through several move under the old company have indicated that this was the best executed, least painful move they have experienced. Don’t let it go to your head, but another great job J Thanks so much Sam
  • Hope Ellison-Scipione
    Internal Revenue Service
    Senior Project Manager
    Fred Crandal is immediately accessible and especially attentive to customer requirements and performance details. He is also very responsive and knowledgeable, immediately addressing concerns and requests for information…